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Terms and Conditions

As of March 15, 2019

The apont.hu, hereinafter referred to as “Community” or “aPont Community” is a community building and information platform operated by the Civil College Foundation (H-6090 Kunszentmiklós, Kunbábony 37/2.). These Terms of Use apply to the use of the website.

1. Registration on the Site and Acceptance of the Terms of Use

Registration is required for access to the aPont Community, whereby the User accepts these Terms of Use and the information contained in our Privacy Policy. The contract is concluded with the User for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated at any time by both parties without offering an explanation. Users under the age of 16 are only allowed to use the site under the supervision, and with the consent of, their legal guardian.

2. Scope of Terms of Use

a.) The Terms of Use apply to the aPont Community, including its sub-pages.

b.) The use of aPont Community is free.

c.) The Terms of Use apply from registration.

d.) The Civil College Foundation reserves the right to offer its services within the Community, thereby linking its services.

3. Scope and availability of the Services of the aPont Community

a.) The aPoint Community is for community building, getting to know people and exchanging information. Users exchange information and share content with a wide and open user base. Our services for registered users include, for example, publishing different pieces of content, such as images or text, and evaluating, commenting or voting on content from other users. Users are also given the option to contact other users and search for content. See our Privacy Policy for more information on the publicity of personal information provided, and content uploaded, by users.

b.) The Civil College Foundation is constantly striving to further develop the community and adapt it to the needs of users. The website and these Terms of Use represent the current state of development. The Civil College Foundation does not guarantee that this offer will remain unchanged in terms of content, scope, or certain features. Neither does it guarantee that the present offer will always be available, and therefore reserves the right to amend or modify these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use in force are always made available on the site, which users have to check at regular intervals in order to be aware of any conditions that may have changed or amended. Users will also receive notifications about major changes via email and/or the next time they visit the site. If a user disagrees with the modified Terms of Use, they may terminate the contract by deleting their account.

c.) The Civil College Foundation cannot be held liable by the User if the Community or any of its functions is temporarily unavailable or there is a loss of data. In order to avoid data loss, the User has to keep a copy of the content shared by them in the Community on their own computer.

d.) The Civil College Foundation reserves the right not to make the present offer, or parts thereof, available. If such a situation occurs, the personal data related rights of the persons concerned are contained in our Privacy Statement created based on our Privacy Policy.

4. Third Party Offers

a.) The Civil College Foundation reserves the right to cooperate with third parties. If a user uses third-party offers (services) through the aPont website, the Civil College Foundation qualifies neither as a contractual partner, nor a subcontractor, but the Terms of Use of the third party apply. We currently have as cooperating partners: szabad.ahang.hu and ahang.hu, both operated by Magyarhang Nonprofit Ltd.

b.) The Civil College Foundation does not, and will not, use third-party analytical and advertising tools in the Community.

c.) The Civil College Foundation does not, and will not, advertise third parties in the Community, such as through an advertising banner or other formats.

d) The Civil College Foundation does not transfer personal information to third parties for advertising purposes, especially not for non-direct marketing purposes.

5. Obligations of Users

a.) Users agree to provide the required information for registration (full name and email address) in a true and correct manner, and to refrain from providing false information that could violate the rights of third parties. Users can enter their phone numbers and upload a profile image of themselves.

b.) Users are responsible for the content they upload, and the Civil College Foundation has no liability in this respect. This provision applies in particular to any violation of copyright or other personality rights, and to the correctness, factuality and accuracy of content. Therefore, users must guarantee that they have copyright to all the texts, images or other content they publish, or, in case those are owned by third parties, that they have a right to use and reproduce their content on our site.

c.) Users commit themselves to behaving in a friendly and correct manner towards other users. They agree not to disclose, in any form whatsoever, any content within the Community that is considered violent, racist, offensive to religious beliefs, or in any other way discriminatory. It is also prohibited to create content that contains slander, threat, harassment, or any violation of another person’s privacy rights or is in violation of applicable law. The display and distribution of political advertisements, commercials, and spam, are also prohibited.

d.) Users commit to proceeding according to the objectives of the Community as detailed under Point 3(a).

6. Multiple Accounts, Email Addresses and Passwords

a.) Every user can register in the Community only once.

b.) If the User has forgotten their password, they can use the “Forgotten Password” function to restore it. This process requires a valid email address. The User is responsible for keeping the email address valid and up-to-date.

7. Assignment of Rights

By creating content, the User assigns the right to use the content created within the Community’s framework to the Civil College Foundation without temporal or spatial constraint. This right of use includes, in particular, the right to display, reproduce and distribute content to our other websites or other sites, and to forward content to third parties without displaying personal data. This right of use shall remain in effect even after termination of the user contract. The assignment of rights merely serves the purpose of facilitating the management and use of content during the operation of the Community.

8. Restrictions on and Removal of User Account

a.) In the event of violation of these Terms of Use, the applicable laws and other regulations published in the Community, the Civil College Foundation may temporarily or permanently exclude users from the use of the Community. In such cases, the Civil College Foundation has the right to temporarily or permanently delete any content or the user account itself. The Civil College Foundation reserves the right to evaluate content at its sole discretion.

b.) Users can terminate their account at any time through the profile settings. In such cases, the User’s personal data and all content, posts, and messages shared by the User will be deleted from the community’s public system. We will not keep these data and content, with only the full name of the deleted user remaining in our internal closed system. If the User cannot delete their account, they can contact us at the following email address: info@cka.hu.

9. Limitation of Liability

a.) The User acknowledges that the Civil College Foundation is not responsible for user-generated content.

b.) The Civil College Foundation has no control over the content shared by its users, but is committed to immediately removing infringing content from the Community in the event of a violation or receiving a request to do so.

c.) The Civil College Foundation does not limit or exclude its liability for deliberate damage to human life, physical integrity or health. The Civil College Foundation assumes liability for damages resulting from a serious breach of contract, but otherwise excludes liability for damages.

10. Indemnification

a.) The User is obliged to indemnify the Civil College Foundation in respect of all claims made by third parties against the Civil College Foundation on the basis of infringements (e.g. use of copyrighted photos) for which the User is responsible. The indemnity includes lawyers’ fees, court fees, and any other costs and fees incurring in connection with the procedure.

b.) The User is obliged to inform the Civil College Foundation fully and promptly about any circumstances that may be important for the defense against third party claims, and to provide the evidence and documents available to them. The User is liable to bear any damages arising from failing to fulfill, or delaying the fulfillment of, this obligation.

11. Privacy

The Civil College Foundation abides the data protection regulations in force. The current and complete Privacy Policy of the Civil College Foundation can be found at cka.hu, while the Community Privacy Policy is available on the Community’s website.

12. Applicable Law

In respect of the contract between the Civil College Foundation and the User, the Parties shall comply with the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code.

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